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Speed Cups Family Games

Speed Cups Kids Family Games

Spending time with family and having fun is a great way to relax and enjoy to the fullest! It is always great to catch up with family members and spend time having fun! It also makes the bond among family members strong and brings everyone closer. Family gatherings are always great fun and relaxation idea! The laughter, jokes, games, and memories are worth savoring for a lifetime. To help you make many such beautiful memories with your family, we have got for you a perfect family game- Speed Cups Kids Family Games.

Speed Cups Kids Family Games

It is a great family game that all members can sit and play together. Kids and adults both can play this game at the same time. This help to enhance the motor and cognitive skills as well. This game is great for either two or four players depending on the number of total members present. It is a sure-shot way of spending amazing time with your family and enjoys to the fullest. 

Helps To Develop Motor And Cognitive Skills

Speed Cups Kids Family Game is a great game for members of all ages in a family. It helps to enhance your motor and cognitive skills as it requires the proper coordination of your brain and muscles. You have to receive impulses from your brain and act quickly in order to play the game. This allows you to work on your motor and cognitive abilities and enhances them. Thus, it is a brilliant game for all, especially the kids. 

How To Play Speed Cups Kids Family Game

To play the speed cups game, at least two to four players have to be present. It is a cup-stacking game and in order to win, you have to excel in your speed and accuracy. Each player gets 5 cups of different colors to play the game. Whoever stacks the cups in the correct order fastest, is declared as the winner. To begin with stacking, the player has to pick a card which should be placed upside down. Whichever card the player chooses, he/she has to stack the cups according to the colors in the card. Whoever finishes first, will ring the bell. Isn’t that a lot more exciting than any other family games you played before?

Exciting Family Games For All

This game is worth playing with your family and friends for unlimited fun and enjoyment. Kids of six years and above can play this game as well. It is an exciting game to refresh your mind and mood and also bring the family closer. At the same time, you can also use this to entertain guests in your tea parties, birthdays and get-togethers. It makes every occasion more lively and exciting. 

Order your Speed Cups Kids Family Game soon and have great fun with your family and friends anytime you feel like! It helps to strengthen the bond among the family members and is a great way to unwind from the mundane life. 

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