Sources Of Income: It’s Importance

The sources of income are something that is very important and personal for one and all. Everyone wants to build their wealth and increase their income in every possible way. Moreover, in today’s generation, everyone wants to become self-established and earn on their own. Nowadays every other thing is becoming expensive and everyone wants to match the pace of these increasing prices. It is the goal of every person to save money for their future usage and rather save it in a good amount. Every individual has their own financial goals and they strive hard to achieve them.

Importance of Building Different Sources of Income
Sources Of Income: It’s Importance

Various Sources Of Income

When it comes to sources of income there are so many sources of income that are available. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, if you don’t know how to save that amount then you know nothing. You need to think and plan out everything from beforehand and plan it in a proper manner.

Here are some sources of income that you should know:-

Earned Income

Earned income is the amount of money that you actually earn by striving hard. Earned income consists of all the salary and amount that you receive after dedicating yourself to your work. Earned income falls under the common source of income among people. We always expect something from our career that with time we will see an increase in our income. We work hard and Excel to get promotions just to see that increase in salary. However, we start to dedicate most of our time to our work just to earn more and more. One should know that it is not the earned income that is going to provide us relief after retirement. We should also know certain other source of income that will allow us to sit back and relax at an old age.

Sources Of Income: Portfolio Income

Portfolio Income is a form of investment return that you acquire after investing in some stocks and shares. The portfolio Income is a raised form of income that you receive in the form of profit that you gain. It is any form of investment that will bring you profit and increase your capital. Any form of investment during the growth stage will help you lead a relaxed life later. It is a form of investment that you make from your early wages especially for life after your retirement. Moreover, it is also a very secure form of investment and has very less chances of losses.

Passive Income

It is a type of supplementary earning that is very uncommon among the masses in comparison to the other two sources. It is a form of an alternative that one uses for earning any sort of profit or income. The best way to describe this type of income is it’s investment for leading a better lifestyle. Not only for the present but one can also use it by saving it for future enjoyment.

Importance of Building Different Sources of Income
Sources Of Income: It’s Importance


Thus, by reading this article we got to know about the various source of income that determine our earnings. A brief idea must be known by one and all just to avoid any confusion later.

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