Simple Family Routine To Start Your Day

Simple Family Routine To Start Your Day

The few hours of the morning decide how are a day goes for the entire day. The time you spent between you wake up and get out of the house for your daily job or school is important to be a hustle free family time. This period of our morning comprises of so many activities that we never realize we are doing it. Since it has become a routine. It is better to have a family routine in the morning to kick start your day. When you have a healthy routine, in a few days it becomes a habit and in a few months, it becomes a lifestyle. Isn’t important to define your lifestyle? Here are some basic routines you can follow in your mornings and have an energetic day throughout.

Waking On-time to start the family routine

If you miss your alarm and lose 30 minutes of your morning time, could you imagine the consequences of the whole day? You know how long it will take to get ready for your work or university, but what if you lose that time to prepare yourself end up late for your office meeting or seminar. Your whole day might turn into chaos. Hitting the alarm on time and waking up without laziness will turn your day stress free and a healthy morning routine to your body as well as mind.

simple family routine to start your day
Simple Family Routine To Start Your Day

Folding your bed

Yes, it is the simplest way to start your morning as soon as you wake up. You must clean and fold your mattress and blanket. By doing so, you get the hint that you have woken up and you wouldn’t cringe for an extra five-minute nap. Secondly folding and clearing the space engages you in a little physical stretching and awakens your muscles. These first three minutes of folding your bed can turn into a basic morning routine to start your long day.

Keep your prays simply

Some people pray for a few minutes before getting down from their bed. It is the simple act of being grateful every day for life and the people around us. You don’t have to visit a religious place to offer your prays, you can easily make a wish before you leave the house. By praying and remembering the good deeds, you can also ensure what you want from life and how you feel about yourself and your needs.

Exercise your muscles

Walking in the neighborhood park, taking a good run, exercise at your open garden, yoga at your sunshine spot or just a good stretch are all alternative ways to exercise yourself. Having an exercise schedule in your morning routine has so many benefits. You can easily spend 10 minutes to an hour as per your wish. Exercising keeps you energized, gets the blood pumping, gives you a positive feel and ultimate you will feel motivated towards your day.

Being Updated on the family routine       

Reading newspapers or having a look at the weekly magazine are the quick ways to be updated. You will remember grand-parents shuffling the newspapers for even an hour in the morning. Due to technology advancement, the habit of newspaper reading is coming down. You get the same news within seconds in your smart gadgets, but reading them out them in the old fashioned way and processing the information in the house never gets out of style. It is not only a family routine but also helps to update the family members on the daily weather, local happenings, politics, and other NEWS.

Simple Family Routines To Start Your Day

Have your planner for the family routine

It is mandatory to have a plan for every day. Everyone has their school or office schedules but it is important to plan other common responsibilities as a family. It is better if everyone in the house is aware of each other’s plans so that they can move forward with the day without confusion. You can alter or adjust the day’s schedule if there is an emergency. Planning your work and family time will avoid half the hustle.

Breaking the fast

The most important meal of the day is our breakfast. How many of us are skipping or having inadequate breakfast? When a person spends their morning preparing breakfast for others, it isn’t the basic gratitude to have breakfast without hurrying. Breakfast gives sufficient energy to keep you running and energized till the next meal. Fix a particular time for breakfast, so that it can into a family routine you spend with others.

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