Role Of The Family Members In The Journey Of Life

Family Members: Their Role In The Journey Of Life

Every family is different and the role of family members is important in holding the family together. Family is the single word given to a group of people who trust each other, enjoy each other’s company, who stand for one another, who love and care for each other and most importantly understand each other. Each family consists of three or four generations of people following certain traditions and cultural values. With every single birth, the circle of joy is expanded and celebrated. Family is the first set of people who accepts you in this world and grows with you every day.

A few decades back, each family has at least three to six children. The family tree would develop with endless branches and never could figure in a session. In the past four decades, due to economic growth people end up in nuclear families. Every member of the family is as important as the pillars of a hall to support and sustain the family.

Parents as the most important family members

Parents are traditionally people of the opposite sex. Recently parents of the same sex have become quite common. Parents are the first humans who have loved you and showered you with their blessings even before you are born. They anticipate the moment you talk your first word, take your first step and even your first teeth. Parents try to ensure safety and security for their children.

They teach you moral values, provide you with proper education and correct you in each mislead step. You spend half your life with them, without your family isn’t complete. They treat you with respect and care; and have a great influence on your lifestyle.

Significant other

When you enter into the world of marriage, you accept the other person as your significant other and promise to stay with them during health and sickness. Your man or women stand by you every single day and plan your life together.

Your better half not only satisfy your physical needs and financial aids but also there at the need for emotional support. They put their best efforts to make the relationship work and family grow forward.


Wouldn’t it be boring if you have to play alone all the time and pampered now and then? Siblings are the most annoying yet acceptable humans you have to bare for your whole life. Right from sharing your parent’s priorities, love and care; they start teaching the act of sharing. You can be brutally honest with others about your crazy family and they would relate it.

Cousins are the extended siblings in a big family. They might bully you and let you cry all night, but will break the bones if other kids ill-treat you. They are the first friends who are going to stick along right from childhood acknowledging all your awkward stories. 


If you are looking for a person who can love you more than your parents it’s your grandparents. They would never say no to your wishes. Grand-parents are the superhumans who would surprise you with little presents like chocolates, toys and new clothes every time you visit their house. They would treasure the time you spend with them.

Grand-parents can be strict at times too. They teach you family stories, cultural beliefs, family culture and guidelines of religion. When you are down, they will make you realize your self-worth. They will always look out for your success and pray selflessly.

Family Friends as family members

Friends are the special humans who love and understand us apart from our blood. They are the ones who accept you for who you are. Freinds encourage you and take risks along with you. They are honest about your life decisions and warn you before you take a wrong leap.

Some people aren’t lucky enough to have a good family but are blessed with good friends. You can continuously learn from friends and don’t have to address the constraints you follow within the family.


As soon as you read this you can think of most irritating aunts and uncles, but relatives are not just them. They are the extended group of people connected through blood who expects your next life decision.Some relatives might be close to your parents and expect the same as you. They may be trying to teach you something valuable, but at some point, you feel bored.

You can’t run away from them or mock them during a conversation. Patience and silence is the key to survive in extended families. Some may celebrate your success, some may gossip your failure; take the good and neglect the bad energy.

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