Large Picnic Blanket

We all go to picnics sometimes in a while. A picnic can be a fun way to eliminate the stress and anxiety which we all face due to work pressure every day. And one common issue everyone going for a picnic face is that sometimes we are not able to carry a large picnic blanket with us as it takes too much space. We can’t reduce the items we are taking, like the picnic basket, as they are meant for the picnic and are essential. The only solution for this problem is a portable picnic blanket, which can also be used as a mat and can be folded, making it easier to carry.

Large Picnic Blanket Portable Mat

Large Picnic Blanket Portable Mat
Large Picnic Blanket Portable Mat

This product is the primary requirement for everyone who is going for a picnic or regularly go for picnics. It can be taken to several activities such as fishing, picnic, camping, etc. When someone starts using this blanket, they never forget to bring this along with them the next time they go outdoors. 

The size of the blanket is significant, and everyone can use it very quickly on the ground. Kids will also get so much space to enjoy without having to go far away to have fun. The parents will not be worried about their kids just because of this large picnic blanket. It is effortless to use. A person has to place the blanket on the ground or sand and lie on it. The material of the sheet is so good that it will not let the person lying on it to get up.


  • Soft Material: The material of one side of the blanket is of soft velvet. It will provide a relaxing feeling and comfort.
  • Waterproof Side: The other side than the soft velvet is the waterproof and moisture-resistant side. It will not let drizzling or rain soak people in it. The people have to go inside the blanket while it is raining. It is to make sure that the waterproof side is upwards.
  • Easy to wash: This product is easy to clean. The material of the blanket is washable. It will not ruin if washed after every use. 
  • Easy-to-carry: The size of the blanket is perfect and can be quickly put anywhere. It has a handle which makes it easier to carry from one place to another. We can also see a Velcro closure to fasten it after folding the blanket properly.


Mat is equally critical as no one knows what the surface would be like. You do not know if it will be sandy, grass, or full of ants. So, we cannot ditch either one of them as they both are equally necessary to carry. We have recommended a hassle-free product. This product provides a large picnic blanket for a whole family. There are two different materials so we can use both sides of the sheet. One side is a comfortable soft velvet material. There is also a 2 mm thick sponge inside the blanket, which provides more comfort to the users. 

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