Importance Of Family In The Modern Era

You might be wondering how is it even a discussion on whether the family is important! Yes, Family is always the first and foremost priority. But Nowadays the definition of family has changed. The perception of an ideal family is to have parents of opposite sexes. Until quite recently, these perceptions have been slowly coming down with quite some same-sex marriages. Getting engaged and happily married with kids is common in the past years. Right now, it is more like a great responsibility to think of marriage. The importance of family is fading away. Meanwhile, Kids and the next generation is like the next big question. So with the fast-moving world and virtual generation, it is much more important than ever to stick on to families.

Family is forever

Family offers financial, social, emotional and practical support for the family members. Even though members of the family tend to migrate for educational or professional reasons, they support each other in the time of need. Isn’t it sad to be all alone when you get an unexpected promotion in your job or you get admitted to grad school for which you have been working hard? Isn’t it sad to look at the empty walls and think of one person to share the happiness with? There is nothing wrong with the current generation wanting to achieve new levels on their own; but if it is along with the support of your family, it brings utmost satisfaction to the whole family.

Don’t Worry, Your Family has got your back!

With increasing concepts of living on your own, people are turning into shells. With higher education and financial stability, people start to restrict their contacts. People assume that they don’t need anyone else and are concerned not to disturb others. This is wrong! When you don’t welcome others, even your next-door neighbor wouldn’t greet you. It is always your family that finds out if there is something wrong with you. Even extended families watch out for each family member and they have got your back. In this era of insecurities and doubt, a family is the only bond you can rely on with closed eyes.

Emotions VS Electronics regarding the importance of family

The importance of family is realized whenever electronics fail to entertain in the modern generation. When you are stuck in a vicious work cycle in a different city, the voice of your mother could make you feel better instantly. When your parents visit your hostel with homemade sweets and your favorite food, even your hostel room smell of your home. With the technology advancements, it has brought some families together and some apart. Technology may let you communicate from every corner of the world, but can never surpass the feel and satisfaction of face to face communication. Even when at home, it has become a trend to communicate through electronics in recent times. Batteries may run out but never the emotions. It is mandatory to freeze your smartphones, stop the PS, Switch off your T.V and spend some quality time with your family whenever you get a chance.

Home and Health

Stories have been told that patients with serious medical history can get better when they are shifted to their home. Home has the secret ingredient to make you better. A home is where children learn their first words and take their first steps and people build a lifestyle together, home is a place of positive vibration and good memories. In the generation of pizzas and burgers being the favorite food of many, nothing can match the taste of a home-cooked meal. Health becomes a question mark running around for coping up with the world. The importance of family is never really realized until you have to take medicines as food, instead of food as medicine.

Human values and the importance of family

Trust, love, loyalty, friendship, truth, consideration, and appreciation; human values are inborn and taught as you group up with a community of close people. They are the fundamentals that you inherit from your elders, providing multidisciplinary perspectives of life. You may encounter several circumstances every day which pushes you to make tough decisions testing your character. The impact of human values plays a major role in everyday actions and words. Without a family, it is hard to learn these values on your own or may never learn them.

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