What Are The Foundations Of A Successful Family?

What is a success as a family? A Parent is also an individual who have their own passionate work-life and dreams. If they are sacrificing their passion to make the family move forward, it isn’t a successful family. All the members of the family should understand the dreams and needs of each other and co-operate to make it work. “A successful family is one that has love and acceptance and laughter,” says David Dykes, pastor of Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas. Here are some basic qualities you should follow to be a better and successful family.

Family before Anything

“Family and friendships are two of the greatest facilitators of happiness.” –John C. Maxwell

The definition of the family might have changed nowadays, but its relevance always remains the same. Ultimate whatever you do your whole day, you have to come back to your family. A family doesn’t need to be just the bloodline, it comprises of the people who have come along and accepted for who you are.

Successful families prioritize their family’s happiness than anything. The main source of happiness is family, even if go missing for 10 years and come back your family will always love you. They are your utmost support system for your life and strive to make you feel secure no matter what. It requires pure dedication and commitment to stick together like a family.

Unconditional Love

Nowadays, Love is losing its true value and people tend to be advantageous in the name of love. Family is the only place that provides you with unconditional love and doesn’t expect anything in return. Love is not about how you feel, it is more about how you act. As a family, it is hard to hate someone who has been with you over a brief period. Forgiving is a part of unconditional love and strength to successful families.

Life is hard, so is love. The unconditional love that sustains in a family doesn’t easily break since it is the parent’s love for a child or the kid’s love for one another.  It is developed with simple acts of caring and sharing.


Creating and restoring trust in a family is like concrete to the foundation of a successful family. Author Stephen M. R. Covey, who wrote the book ‘The speed of trust’, suggests that every relationship is improved when the trust bar is higher. It is important to trust each other and be open about what you are planning with your life ahead.

Trust fosters through promises. If you have made a promise to your better half or your children, make sure you don’t break the promise or you better have a valid explanation. Trust is the key that your family and friends can count on you.



Consistent and effective communication in a family allows the members to express the wants and need as well as the concerns to each other. It helps to understand the differences and appreciate other members promoting a positive environment.

It is extremely important to communicate without second thoughts which allows the members of the family to be successful as well as a family. Poor communication may result in unhealthy families, an increase in divorce and negative behavior changes in the kids. The more efficient the family can communicate and be open is directly proportional to the strength of the family bonding.

Time together

Last but not least, without spending quality time together you can either communicate with family or build trust upon each other. It may be hard to spend a scheduled time together as a family, but you can look upon the opportunities to enjoy family time.

Volunteering in your city or exercising together can be more personal development and being with your family. With increased screen time, the most efficient time to be together is your dinner time. When the whole family is exhausted, you can turn the dinner table into a favorite mess of conversations and laughter. Increased family time leads to a better understanding of perspectives and a happy family.

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