Family Structure and Child Well Being

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The traditional family structure means two individuals married and providing care and concern for each other. However, nuclear families consist of two parents are less prevalent, and alternative family is universal. The family created by the birth of a child and carried forward by generations. The generations are consist of aunts, cousins, niece, and grandparents; all these play an emotional and economic role in your family.
Today many significant changes occur in relations such as divorce, single-parent families, teenage pregnancy, same-sex marriage. They are the different versions of the American family. Humans are programmed to copy others actions therefore, always beware in front of your children before talking.

Parents Role in Raising the Child

Traditionally meant that mothers are responsible for raising the child, and father responsible for providing financially for the family. Parents are responsible for providing food, shelter, education, and medical care to their children. They are even capable of providing sound knowledge for their religion and moral training to become a good human being.As a good parent always support your child in their decisions. No child is perfect always keep this in mind and then set your expectations. Parents are the role model of their child therefore, always set your standard first, then your child’s standard. Many times it is not easy to handle your child but keep on working on your child and you will find that they will choose the right direction.

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Family Structure and Child Well Being

Family Structure

The family structure defined as children’s relationship with their parents, Parents have to face many challenging things, such as time and money for their children which are needed for their development and well- being. Relationships within the family are significant for the child well- being and also for their overall life- satisfaction. If there are some differences in family relationships, it will affect your child’s life. The purpose of this study is to clear all the differences in family relationships. Three types of families are there, such as two-parent families, single-parent families, and separated families. It found in study that children living with both parents can evaluate their family relations as compared to single-parent families. If both parents together bring up their child with love and affection, child will develop properly, and he will be a good human being.

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Family Structure and Child Well Being

Family Complexity Matters

The nuclear and straightforward family are easy to define. Marriage is life long, and if you marry man, this relation will continue growing long. Complexity occurs when your marriage life, fertility, parenting are not coterminous, which means there are some differences among the members of the family. Which may result in complexity within family members. Complication even occurs when children shared custody arrangements due to divorce among their parents. Complexity arises among elders, such as stepfamilies in which one child is living with his or her biological parent. Single parent: where mother or father may not live her family. Three-generation family: in which children, parents, and grandparents live happily.

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