Effects Of Divorce - The Impact Of Family Structure On Children Effects Of Divorce - The Impact Of Family Structure On Children

Effects Of Divorce

Effects Of Divorce - The Impact Of Family Structure On Children

From the beginning, the surroundings of a child affect the child in a way or another. If the surroundings are positive than the child is more likely to be an optimist if the surrounding is negative, it is more likely to be a pessimist. If the family sees things as they are in reality, the child is likely to be a realist. But when things get nasty or should we say relations get nasty and move forward for divorce. There is very little chance that it would not affect the mental health of the child. A grown-up is more likely to be able to bear the situation than a toddler. He has gone through some of the stuff similar to this.

Effect Of A Happy Family

Having a happy family ensures that the growth of the child is in a more engaging and supportive environment, whereas having a divorce makes things worse. When the family is happy, the child sees and gets inspired by the family and looks to the world like its something full of love, hope and positivity where nothing can go wrong, well this all happens if the family and surroundings are like this. But according to the census data, the demographics of average families are changing, and with the upbringing of kids is suffering, now the” having a child” stage comes far later. Having a child later in life also does the same only makes it worse for them.

Consequences Of Divorce

Divorce has numerous effects that are unpredictable, and all of them are harmful to the kid. A divorce is something that breaks up the family. There are fights between the couple, even for the custody of the child. Also, after the court approves the custody, the child spends some time with the father. Then, he spends some time with his mother. He just travels between the houses and gets lost in between.

The kid does not have to choose between the father and mother under normal conditions. These things affect the kid’s mental state. All these complications could convert childhood into a disaster he never was prepared for. These all could lead to stress, depression, and some times even trauma. Further, it leads to mother issues for the boy and father issues for the girl, and a lot of other things too.


According to a three-decade extensive study, they say that the kid living with the original biological parents is more healthy in all terms. It is so whether it is academic, emotional, physical, or mental. In contrast, the other kid living with a divorce going on in the family generally has depression and other related problems. It is the reason why pediatricians recommend to the parents not to fight in front of the kid. They should avoid fighting as much as possible. But this does not mean that you cannot file a divorce. Do analyze these terms before having a child or wait till the child is old enough to go through all this.

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