Quality Time: How To Have Some While Being Broke

The quality time spent with our loved ones is all that matters when we look back at the past. One of the simplest things you can do for your family and friends is managing the time you spend with them. Time is the most valuable resource in our life. The proverb “Time and Tide wait for none” says it all. In this world of hustled work schedules fighting to financially support our family, we have forgotten the need for emotional well-being.
Money can be a great factor defining how we spend our time with other people. But when you broaden your perspective, there are quite a few ways to spend meaningful time with your favorite people without any money at all or with less money.

Schedule a Home Date for Quality Time

Money can never really be a problem when two people want to make their relationship work. A Home date is perfect to revive the bond.
A home date can simply start by cooking a meal together and arranging for a candlelight dinner while mild music plays in the background. You can extend this mood by watching your favorite T.V show together or even star gazing from the terrace. The night can create change the energy between you.
It can also be a lazy afternoon date, spending most of the time in bed. For a change, you read the NEWS and comment on your favorite magazines absolutely without getting up from the bed. The ultimate aim is to spend quality time together, maybe a lazy afternoon can shift to an active house cleaning session together leading to a better understanding of each other.

Bring out your Inner Child

Rather than buying your child expensive gifts and clothes, spending personal time together means a lot. Having a toddler at home can be nothing less than a mini earthquake. Relaxing your Sundays with building castles and playing card games with your children will take you back to your childhood. Playing with your kids can create a mess but what are you going to achieve by without getting dirt on your feet. You might be the boss in your office but at home, it is good to initiate a better parent-children relationship.
Quality time doesn’t mean having a heart to heart talk with your kid. You can engage yourselves in helping your kids in their assignments and science projects. Assisting your children in their DIY projects can help them understand their abilities and creativity. If you couldn’t afford so much time, the least you do is read a bedtime story or life incidents to your kids.

Volunteer and Walk with Friends

After a point of time, packed work schedules may keep you occupied from meeting with your friends. But who can stop you from your brother from another mother visiting you? Forget about booking a table in fancy restaurants or going to movies in multiplexes.
You’ve got more alternate and meaning ways to spend time with your friends. When life gives you some affordable time why not spend it more efficiently. You and your friends can volunteer at the common beach cleanup or paint the city programs. The most simple way is to hit the neighborhood park with your friends and exercise. Needless to say, you are going to charge your body and at the same time you end up spending quality time with your friends.

Redecorate your Favorite Spot for Quality Time

Family is the most important bond until the end of your life. Ultimately nowadays we don’t spend time with extended families and grandparents. Even people who want to meet up during major celebrations and main occasions end up in their work desks trying to juggle family and work.
Quality time with the family is underrated when you bring finance in the picture. Every occasion you can plan out an activity that brings the whole family together on a holiday. Instead of going out on a picnic, you can recover your dying lawn with the help of your family members. People of different age groups working together and explaining their thought processes can end up in a wonderful experience. The whole time you together in your tracksuits working on laying the garden and time you on it after will be a beautiful memory you cherish.

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