Blissful Things That Make A House A Home

blissful things that make house a home

Wondering what’s makes your home so comfortable and a warm place? It may be an apartment, a penthouse or even a dorm, but home is where your heart is. It is something more than just concrete and bricks, it is where you feel safe and comfortable. Most people subconsciously relate their home to their peaceful place. Because it only places you can roam around in your pajamas and feel so comfortable. You can be yourself in the home atmosphere and don’t even have to yet think about feeling insecure. Every space in your house can be associated with a memory holding dents, scratches, artworks and more.

“Family: A social unit where the father is concerned with parking space, the children with the outer space, and the mother with closet space” – Evan Esar

People and Noise

Yes, a home is always its people. When you think of yours, not only the image of the building comes to your mind but also the people and the pets that reside. Home gives the buzz of life everyone going about ‘how busy their day was, an interesting thing happened at their school and look who is getting next month’s talks. It is also the pets and other living creatures we live with. While your children are playing with the cats in the backyard and your husband oversees every activity of the Sunday, it turns to be a memorable scene. Not to forget the morning radio playing, evening tea time chats, the noise of the whistle and the kids rambling is all that makes a home. 

Good Food and Smell

Every home has a smell. Everyone has come down to the kitchen smelling the freshly baked cake and having a chat with your mom waiting till it’s baked. Home is where you can demand food or go through the fridge when you are hungry. The aroma from your gardens, the fragrance of the perfume you use, the smell from the washed clothes; altogether it gives a smell to your home. Home has a unique smell that gives you a special feeling of comfort. What’s the smell of your home?

Traditions you follow

The rituals you make and the traditions you follow will be a noticeable factor in making a house a home. Because no other place in the world that makes you follow religious customs without a question. And it is where you learn manners and good things to inculcate from childhood. From Sunday day-outs and movie nights to family dinners and annual vacations; the traditions you start as a family will make the relationship stronger each time. There are certain occasions of the year that you can’t avoid due to the traditions you have followed for so many years, but all these traditions are excuses to bridge the gap and pass on the values.

Home is your favorite Spot

It is where you have a comfortable and cozy spot. No matter how messy or clean your home is you will have a bond with your favorite spot. It may be the comfortable sofa in the living room or the verandah you spend your lazy evenings or the swing in the yard or just your bed which has comforted you when you are down. If you are an artist, you will surely have your spot of creation, where you get the ambiance right at home. You will always have an emotional connection with this spot where you have spent the happy or sad moments in your life. All these spaces associated with different memories and emotions give you the feel of the home. More than its people, even these comforting corners make the house into a home.

Home is all about memories

It is where your first kid took its first steps, where your kid scribbled all over the walls and you have celebrated so many occasions with friends and family. Also, it is where you have sneaked out for a cultural program, binge-watched all night and slept crying your heart from a breakup. It is a place full of good and bad memories combined. Without memories, a house can never become a home. Every brick, furniture, trees, pets, and humans altogether contribute to the memories of it. When you go down the memory lane, you will remember so many positive and encouraging things which you cherish.

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