Better Ways To Connect with Your parents As A Generation Z Kid

Connect with Your parents As A Generation Z Kid

Wondering how to connect with your parents as a grownup kid or an adult? Well, there is a huge difference between the 90’s kids (kids born between the years 1990-1999) and the 2k kids (kids born after the year 2000). Technically, 90’s kids aren’t kids anymore. No doubt 90’s generation children have kids of their own by now. So who is called the ‘generation Z’? Generation Z is termed to be the children born between the mid-1990s to early 2000s. They have been exposed to the internet since a young age who are comfortable with social media and juggle technology with the workspace. They are technically the luckiest generation who spent their vacations in the grandparent’s house and have known the joy of riding the bicycle throughout the village along with friends and experienced the very first PS.

If you are a 90’s kids yours parents must be the very first generation still figuring out how to use social media. The relationships are taking a new turn to electronic communication at a greater level. Yeah, here are few ways to stay connected with your parents in this internet generation.

Respond to their calls no matter what!

Taking a shift from basic NOKIA phones to smartphones, some parents find it hard to cope-up with modern technology. Your parents might get you a little annoying with understanding their new smartphone but it is polite to educate them with the basics. Give them time to learn how to use the electronics on their own.

Parents are the only people who are selflessly concerned about our well-being. They might end up texting you ‘good morning and goodnight’ texts, for which you can’t reply all the time. Maybe they would call you enquiring about your health or mealtime or just to hear your voice. You might be busy at times but respond to them with a basic message. Try reaching them in your free time and have the conversation.

Visit them time to time to connect with your parents

As an undergraduate student or a working professional, you might be living in a different city far from home. Even though you are stuck with your academics and fitting into your new job, you will be always concerned about you. Look out for ways to connect with your parents in the simplest of ways. Also, don’t develop the habit of calling them only when you are in desperate need. Instead of spending time with your friends and planning for weekend getaways, visit your parents whenever you get time. Get the things they like whenever you go home and let them feel that they have always been remembered.

Utilizing the technology 

Technology has its way of bringing people closer and relatively separating people. Obviously, as a generation z kid, you will have a ‘family WhatsApp group’. Instead of muting the group, why don’t you take some reading using information shared in the group and responding to them in the simplest ways? 

When you cannot visit them often, try making video calls. Even though you cannot feel the other person it is better than a voice call. Due to various reasons, kids and parents live in different cities as they grow up. Why worry when you can make video conference calls. Smartphones are a boon to people trying hard to connect with people.

Include them to connect with your parents

Parents of this generation consider their kids as their main focus. They would have worked their entire life to raise the kids and full filling their dreams. Putting up with a smiling face, they would have sent their kids off to higher education and finally getting them married. Hence, their life revolves around their children.

Isn’t our responsibility to make them feel better than they have raised us better? Include them in your life plans and vacations. When you are planning to buy something valuable, ask their opinion and respect their views. Try to connect with your parents and also share your joy of achievements. Let them know how happy you are with your life and your recent endeavors.

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