Kids Bowls Feeding Set -

Kids Bowls Feeding Set

Baby Bowls Kids Feeding Set For New Moms

Moms always remain too worried about their baby’s food, bottles, and breastfeeding. Thus, they rarely think of spooning their babies. This may turn out to be a complicated task later on as there is a variety of spooning or feeding sets available in the market. To help the moms, we have presented the best baby bowls kids feeding set for your baby.

Baby Bowls Kids Feeding Set

You can make your baby’s mealtime fun by introducing baby bowls kids feeding set. It includes a cup, bowl, cutlery, a plate in an adorable designing view. Manufacturer manufactured it in such a way that it last-long without breaking. Thus, moms’ releases the stress of accidentally throwing or dropping the bowl on the floor.

Baby Bowls Included


The set will include a dish that has divisions or parts to provide food variants to your baby. You can put food like dessert, carbohydrate, and protein in separate divisions. The plate has features that make it more presentable and eye-catching. It may also include printed design over the plate surface. The plate has a size of 21 x 27 cm.


If your baby likes soup, then the baby bowl will allow your baby to taste the soup. It is easy to handle, as it contains feels sideways. Thus, lifting and holding for taking a sip becomes easier. For example, you can present small foodstuffs such as dry cereals and biscuits. The bowl size has a height of 4 cm and a diameter of 11 cm.

Spoon And Fork

The set includes cutlery. It has smooth edges and is small enough to offer complete safety to the kids during eating. The handles are convenient to carry or hold. The fork/spoon has a length of 13.5 cm.

Baby Bowls With A Cup

A mug or cup is included in the set so that your baby can drink milk or water appropriately. The size and weight of the container are ultralight, and your baby can easily carry it. You can put juice, milk, or water in the bowl. The cup has a height of 6.5 cm and a diameter of 7.5 cm.

Baby Bowls Set

The set has an adorable design and looks cute. It is durable and lightweight; that’s what makes it appropriate for kids. The material used to create is nitrosamine-free, PVC-free, Latex-free, Phthalate-free plastic material. All-in-all the package list will contain one plate, one bowl, one cup, one fork, and one spoon. It may be available in deer, ice cream, the super universe, flowers, and elephant designing prints.

Eco-Friendly Material

The baby bowls kids feeding set is made both baby-friendly and eco-friendly using plastic material. It can have a printed design that entices kids during their mealtime. The cleaning and handling of the set are easy as you need only mild soap to wash off the set with water. It is well-packaged, delivered quickly, and contains no odor. You will find no error in the set as they are made with the utmost care. The product undergoes testing, which checks the material of the set. When it is approved, it is well-packaged in safety packs.  

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