Family Of The Internet Generation: Setting New Trends

Who would have believed if they could effortlessly transfer money within a few seconds in the 1950s? No one. Who would have agreed on the same-gender marriages? Mostly none. Or do you think anyone would have believed if said they could earn from social media? No one. Apart from the controversies, a family of the internet generation is making things work no matter what.

In this generation of internet taking over the workspace, education, cultural values and family time, everyone is conscious of utilizing it to the maximum. On the other side; it has connected people globally, changed the e-commerce market, diversified the cultural viewpoints, allows people to learn new things at their fingertips. Is it misery or bliss for a family of internet generation to work on their emotional relationships? You will never know! Unfortunately or fortunately, It depends on how much effort each person can put on making the relationship last.

Creating new traditions and milestones

Not long before and even now, marriage is a big milestone in one’s life. Nowadays every individual likes to take their time financially settling down and deciding whether to get married or not. The concept of life in relationships has become quite common. Due to increased medical conditions and social awareness; the concept of adopting babies, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization has been accepted in society.

Here comes the interesting part, quite a few crowds of people want to travel the world instead of settling down in the same place. Think of our parents how hard they saved every penny to build a house, right now people don’ want to buy a house. Alternatively, they prefer every penny turning into beautiful memories and striking off new places in their bucket list.

Work passionately                                       

People of this generation are between meeting financially stability and satisfying their passion. They don’t just want to work on a nine to five desk job. Ultimately, people are stress out figuring out how to make their decision of taking a step on their passion. With a wide range of options on the internet and viable money transfer options, people try to start a second business to assure they are moving passionately forward.

Jumping from one job to another, they tend to be less financially stable. How will they even find proper time to work on their families if they are not happy with their jobs? On the other hand, some conventional parents ready to work on shifts to stabilize their families and provide their kids with all their needs.

Prioritizing Children in a family of the internet generation

With a set of generation of kids lost with parental care and increased screen time, parents are so much concerned about spending quality time with their children. This generation of parents is very conscious of providing a good environment that they wanted from their parents. They make their schedules as flexible as possible to fit in their kid’s schedules.

Providing them with smart gadgets at a young age and whatever they ask for without a thought, sometimes parents forget to teach moral values to their children. Parents want to let the kids what they want and don’t enforce their ideologies to them. They let them explore the world and try their maximum to provide their children with the best.

Cultural Values of a family of the internet generation

With the boom of the internet, concepts of discrimination, racism has been pulled down. People are ready to accept same-sex marriage as well as trans-genders. This current generation is not patriotic as much as the previous generation and their sense of belonging are lost in-between. Right from converting into other religions, fighting for social causes or registering into no caste system; this generation has been setting new standards in society.

Embracing diversity, everyone has figured out their way to live in harmony. This is a generation of parents and kids connected instantly, with a different perspective on parenting and high striving in a highly self-conscious society; the family of the internet generation has its pros and cons. Everyone has their values and thoughts, but in the end,, it’s their life to act on their decisions.

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