Family Mealtime: 8 Hacks To Turn It Interesting

In the total 24 hours of a day, do u have any idea how many minutes you spend on your mealtime? Morning hours are the busiest, half the time working parents and school kids have their breakfast as fast as they can. While lunchtime is fixed between the hands of the clock, the only meal time you can spend some quality time with your family is dinner. Is it fair to be indulged with the electronics in your mealtime too? Is it ethical when you work with laptops on the dining table and forget to even look at the food? Prioritize your family mealtime and turn into the most interesting time of the day.

Plan your meals

Everyone has their favorite meals and drinks. When the mom is meant to plan the meals all the time, she will get bored at one point in time. The best thing you can do is sit together as a family and list down their favorite meals. Prepare a chart with the menu to prepare for the week. This will turn into a traditional activity for the family.

Setting The Table For Your Family Mealtime

Instead of shouting and enquiring whether the food is ready for your rooms, you can anticipate the dinner time as you set the table. You can clean the table cover, bring the plates, fill the water and organize the bowls and cutlery. This will set the ambiance right to serve the food and avoid the tension of the table set up on the clock for the mealtime.

8 Hacks To Turn Family Mealtime Interesting

Concept Nights

You can assign proper days of the week for non-vegetarian food. Depending upon the availability of fresh meat nearby or the time one can dedicate to prepare the meals, you can stick to a day and prepare things ahead. This will ultimately let the family and kids wait for the special day of the week.

Cheat Meals

Who wouldn’t love pizzas and fresh fries? Fast food has become the instant favorite food of thousands of people. The days you find it hard to prepare a meal or when there is no resource to cook the meal, you can declare the night as a cheat meal day. Take out your kids to enjoy the mealtime or get it home delivered for a casual family meal.

Experiment Zone

Ultimately, your kid has to start cooking one day or another. At least once in two weeks, assign a mealtime to experiment with new recipes. Make sure every gets their chance on holding the spatula or mixing the dough. Gather the family together and work together to get the recipe right. New experiments create new moments of lessons and build self-confidence.

Play with food

Isn’t it boring to look at the same plate every day with the same recipe for years? Be ready to get your food crafty and take turns presenting the food every time. Allow your kids to sauce their food with their drawing skills or let them the art of arranging the food with an aesthetic appeal.

Invite friends To Your Family Mealtime

It is always fun to have other people over for a family meal. Bring your friends home for dinner will also let the kids bring their friends over. Inviting people to food will always bring them closer. Striking off conversations, sharing stories and laughing your stomach out will turn your family time more interesting and fun.

8 Hacks To Turn Family Mealtime Interesting

WIFI free dinner For Your Family Mealtime

Instead of scrolling down your INSTAGRAM and playing the last minutes of your PUBG game on the dining table, set a rule not to bring the smartphones to the table. Respect the efforts your mom has put in prepare the food, appreciate her skills and take about your day. Your family mealtime will turn into the best time to swap stories and get to know each other better.

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