Family Activities: 4 Set Rule to Manage Them

Every family is very different as well as every kid and parent. One of the difficult choices to make as a parent is to manage family activity time. Especially when both the parents are working professionals, family activities become much of a question mark.

“It is more important than ever to make our families the center of our lives and the top of our priorities.” —L. Tom Perry

Some families want to dedicate much of their time to their children. On the other hand, some families restrict the amount of time they spend on their children. So, what is the secret to managing regular family activity? I term it the “4 set rule” on how to manage family activities every day, every weekend, every month and year.

Combine an activity, Every day!

You can’t expect a long ride or a fun trip with your family every day. So the first thing you got to do is communicate with each other and understand the schedule of the whole family. Then you need to figure out an average time everyone can spare together. It is better to have an activity which coincides with the interests of all the members.

An everyday activity can be about learning a new sport or a language so that it will create a positive boost to spend more time together. If u couldn’t afford an extra hour for an activity, the easiest thing you can do together is a cook. Yes, helping in the kitchen will make the work fast, collaborate with each other’s skills; ultimately it is efficient and energizing when you work together.

Weekends are for Fun Family Activities

Sticking on to daily desk jobs and school timings, everyone deserves to be relaxed on the weekends. You can plan together as a family whether to watch a new movie or treat your taste buds at a popular dine out. It is not necessary to go out every weekend. You can decide on the where and when to go according to the priorities.

Alternatively, it is even enjoyable to work on the garden together on a weekend or schedule a game night. Digging the grounds, sowing the seeds, watering them, painting the fences are also an effective way to spend time together on weekends. The most basic and efficient thing to go is grocery shopping; you must try shopping together to have a glimpse of real fun in the local market.

Trek the month

Is it a lot to demand a monthly trek or sight-seeing once in a month? Not at all! A monthly break is a must as a family as well as an individual. Every time the monthly activity can satisfy different choices of places to visit. This one or two-day interval may help the whole family revitalize for the next month.

Trekking and camping are adventurous and equally entertaining. When you have got grown-up children, this can be a preferable option. A long drive to a serene location near the city, camping with other families can also be done. With teenagers, you can choose to go to an amusement park or the local museum or an art center. If you have got a toddler, a visit to the zoo or a local park. It might be a single day activity or a stay over depending on the need.

Vacation of the Year for Family Activities

Who doesn’t love vacations? To initiate a compulsory yearly vacation, start saving from day one. So that the family is excited and expect that time of the year to be together. Maybe you can decide on a commonplace for vacation and book the tickets and accommodations ahead of the dates, to make sure the trip is not canceled last minute. Doing things early will reduce half the tension.

Choosing a place is the hardest task. But if you could combine some game plan, dance nights and local activities, it shouldn’t be difficult. Plan, prepare and pack up every year to a new destination. A vacation a year, may soon turn into a family tradition and the most expected family activity of the year apart from celebrations.

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