20 Best Homeschooling Websites And Resources

20 Best Homeschooling Websites And Resources

Homeschooling generally refers to the process of teaching a child at home under the monitoring of the parents. When a child is sent to school, he/she is under the responsibility of the institute. In such cases, the school takes care of what the child is studying. But in the case of homeschooling, parents are responsible for what their kids learn. We will be discussing some of the benefits of homeschooling your child. Here we have listed out 20 best homeschooling websites and learning resources that you can find on the internet today.

20 Best Homeschooling Websites And Resources
20 Best Homeschooling Websites And Resources

Benefits Of Homeschooling Your Kids: Homeschooling Websites

The following are the benefits of homeschooling your kids. Undoubtedly, homeschooling is indeed a better option if you want to focus on better learning of your child.

  • Homeschooling focuses on active learning. 
  • Better social development
  • Community involvement
  • Warm family environment
  • Flexibility at academics
  • You can prevent your child from the negative atmosphere of the school
20 Best Homeschooling Websites And Resources
20 Best Homeschooling Websites And Resources

Best Home Schooling Websites and Resources

The following are 20 best homeschooling websites and resources you can opt going for if you want to have homeschooled for your child.

Khan Academy: Homeschooling Websites

Khan academy is a non-profit education organization. This online platform aims to educate children through videos.

Deep Space Sparkle: Homeschooling Websites

Deep space sparkle offers various courses in order to teach your kid the basic concepts of arts.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing allows your child to learn touch typing in a fun and interactive way.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an online program that teaches your children the way to read.


Ted-ed aims at educating children and teachers as well though education videos out on the platform.

Simple Homeschool

Simple Homeschool is a website that shares articles, blogs, and giveaways. These features are particularly for those parents who want to make it out by homeschooling their child.


It is a website based out of Chicago. Exploratorium aims to educate children with various videos and activities and interactive online resources.

Project Gutenberg

It is one of the biggest e-book stores for homeschooling.


This app has courses for languages to teach different languages to kids.


Xtramath is a homeschooling resource to teach mathematics to your kid.


This website is known to publish related to homeschooling for the families new to the concept of homeschooling.


Howtosmile is an award-winning free resource for homeschooling. This website has more than 3000 videos for science and maths.

Activity mom

Activity mom is a group of writers online. These writers are former teachers, which now focuses on teaching their kids.

Power My Learning

This is an online platform to support homeschooling. Furthermore, it provides various interactive activities and fun videos.


BrainPOP is a subscription-based paid homeschooling website with interactive lessons for kids in the form of animated videos.


Coursera is an online platform focuses especially on high school students.


K12 is known to provide various learning programs for homeschoolers.

Discovery Education

Discovery education offers free courses in the form of videos.

NASA For Students

NASA for students is the website which provides articles and videos for students who are studying in grades K-12

Special Needs Homeschooling

This website is the source for giving educational videos for students with abnormalities.

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