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Family Life

Family And Home: The Ultimate Guide

A loving family is always a blessing. Not everyone has the blessing to have a compassionate and understanding family and home. Family is not always blood. It also includes a group of people who accepts you for who you are and would do

Family Vacation: The Ultimate List Of Games

Apart from planning on where to go on vacation, booking the transportation and stays; the next question is what games to pack for the vacation. You have no other choice but to pack your kid’s favorite games which also can be enjoyed as a

Home and Family: Simple Ways to Balance

Most often, the balance and harmony of home are disturbed by health issues, financial problems, the difference of opinions and lack of communication. They might sound like major issues in a household, but it can easily be avoided by…

Simple Family Routine To Start Your Day

The few hours of the morning decide how are a day goes for the entire day. The time you spent between you wake up and get out of the house for your daily job or school is important to be a hustle free family time. This period of our

Summer Craft: Happy Secret

You will never know what you will find under a person when he’s relaxed. Also, you will be your true self when you are engaged and doing something very passionately. So the next time your kid is doing a DIY (do it yourself) craft or an art…

Family Tips

Quality Time: How To Have Some…

The quality time spent with our loved ones is all that matters when we look back at the past. One of the simplest things you can do for your family and friends is managing the time you spend with them. Time is the most